One-stop solutions for infrastructure repair & protection

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USL America brings together under one umbrella some of the finest infrastructure repair solutions and products available worldwide. In some cases, these products are available for the first time in the United States following extensive successful use around the world.


From rooftop to below ground, the USL America companies have solutions.


Products & Services

  • Structural waterproofing: green roofs, bridge decks, plazas, parking decks
  • Bridge movement: bearings, bridge jacking, expansion joints, joint seals
  • Leak sealing: I&I control, tunnels, dams, tanks, water and sewer systems
  • Soil stabilization: seawall repair, under roads and bridges, levees, earthen dams, mining and tunneling bores, pile bores, annulus/dead pipe fill, foundation lift void fill
  • Slab lifting & stabilization: highway, runway, railroad slabs, bridge approaches, industrial floors, sidewalks, pool decks, foundations
  • Concrete & asphalt repair
  • Turnkey specialty contracting